Do Young People Know Their Identity In Christ?


After Pray21, young people will: 

  • Begin to discover God’s plan for their life
  • Become all-in for Jesus
  • Be a representative of Jesus’ love to the world

Many adults in your congregation are already praying for the students in your youth ministry — But what could happen if these faithful adults actually prayed WITH your students?


Timothy Eldred, Author of Tell21

Have you ever stumbled into a plan that God created for you without knowing how significant it would actually become? That’s how I feel about Pray21. When I wrote it, I was just being faithful to God’s leading. I had no idea what he would do through this resource that has touched over 500K young people today.

There’s no way I can even exaggerate the impact it will have on your entire congregation. I know you’ll experience the same results that churches in 80+ countries have in the last few years as God has completely changed their mindset toward his call on this generation of emerging young leaders.

Please download and review the first week of this three week program. You will receive the Pray21 Leader’s Guide in your email, so you can get a handle on the bigger picture of the prayer campaign. I can’t wait to hear how this simple prayer challenge changes your church and transforms your young people with a clear understanding of their identity in Christ.

Because of Jesus,

Timothy Eldred, President
Endeavor Ministries