In congregations throughout the world, there’s a segment of the Christian population who are disappointed, disengaged, and disillusioned. This isn’t a depiction of adult youth workers, pastors, or church leaders; it’s a description of today’s youth.

This generation of young people are seeking significance and searching for belonging. Today's youth are ready to put their faith in Jesus Christ to work and to make a difference with their lives for his cause, but they feel left out by the Church.

In the world of youth work with its wide array of philosophies of spiritual formation for young people, Endeavor Ministries stands out from the crowd. Instead of focusing on youth ministry, we concentrate our efforts on training youth IN ministry.

Our mission is simple: Building partnerships with donors, ministries, and churches to cultivate a global generation of young people taking action to transform their world for Jesus Christ.


Dr. Francis E. Clark

Dr. Francis E. Clark

Endeavor Ministries is certainly not a new youth organization. Our unique approach to training youth IN ministry began on February 2, 1881, in the Williston Congregational Church in Portland, Maine.

[Christian] Endeavor started as a small effort by a pastor, Dr. Francis E. Clark, to involve more youth in his congregation. His philosophy was simple, “Never do anything for young people they can learn to do for themselves.” As a result of his belief in youth as important partners in the cause of Christ, the Christian Endeavor Movement was born and is considered by historians as the father of modern youth ministry.


Since 1881, Endeavor has been used by God to collectively train tens of millions of young people to put their faith in action for Christ and the Church. Our original mindset of youth IN ministry is being embraced by churches again to train young people as co-equals and co-laborers in the cause of Christ.

Endeavor has trained more ministers, missionaries, and marketplace leaders than any other youth organization in the last century —Dr. Ralph D. Winter (dec’d)

The characteristics of young people that helped birth youth work so long ago are embodied by this generation, too. Worldwide, they’re taking responsibility for their lives and ownership of their faith.

This youth IN ministry message was the foundation that launched hundreds, even thousands, of youth movements and organizations throughout the last century and is still relevant for the Church today.

Since 2015, we've helped over 11,000 youth launch WAVES groups in 67 nations. This is in addition to the thousands more who've downloaded our books, received our training, and started actively serving God in their communities and congregations.

We work with churches, denominations, ministries, and nonprofit organizations who are struggling to be relevant with a young generation who are demanding transparent and authentic relationships.

These youth live in a "virtual world" of social media that requires digital “multilingual” abilities to communicate, train, and mobilize. The massive tent rallies of the past have been replaced with live mobile broadcasts and targeted chats.

Christian Endeavor Convention, New York City, 1921

Christian Endeavor Convention, New York City, 1921

Endeavor exists to help you become a more effective church or ministry through our biblically-balanced model of discipleship and our leadership development resources for training youth IN ministry.

If you are passionate about youth engagement, inspired when they achieve great things, and desire to see young people serve Jesus Christ—contact us. We want to work with partners like you to continue the legacy of Christian Endeavor for generations to come.


Endeavor Ministries is governed by a diverse Board of Directors responsible for providing fiscal and missional oversight and governance to the organization. Along with Timothy Eldred, President of Endeavor Ministries since 2005, the board ensures that biblical principles of stewardship and accountability are practiced at the highest standards to protect the integrity of the ministry.


Endeavor was originally incorporated in 1887 as the United Society of Christian Endeavor in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The name was changed in 1927 to the International Society of Christian Endeavor. Today, we do business as Endeavor Ministries, a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization in Michigan, USA.