Youth Ministry Training or Training Youth IN Ministry


There's a World
of Difference


Your Youth Program is Two Letters from Awesome

Since 1881, Endeavor has worked with thousands of congregations throughout the world to engage young people in a faith that lasts a lifetime. After more than 137 years, we still teach the same principles that make us the father of youth work. Why? Because they work better than anything else you've tried. We are "best practice" to equip youth as leaders in the cause of Jesus Christ, and we're ready to help your church experience the difference between youth ministry and youth IN ministry.

Youth were designed by God to do—not watch. Called to create—not spectate.

Everything You Need

Training youth IN ministry can no longer just be the responsibility of a few key adults in the church designated as youth workers anymore. Mentors, parents, families, and church leaders all have a role to play and must take part in the discipleship process, so Endeavor provides a variety of tools to help congregations fully engage young people in the life and the work of the Church today.


Technology makes it possible and affordable for churches throughout the world to get youth IN ministry training today. In as little as 21 days, congregations can begin to experience real results, as they make the shift to youth IN ministry.


Giving young people ownership of a ministry they lead is vital to creating a faith that lasts a lifetime. The Waves In Action program provides the structure and strategy to help youth take responsibility to transform their world for Christ.


Putting great tools in the hands of young people to develop their faith and ministry is crucial. Along with printed products for training youth, Endeavor Resources also produces materials to help mentors, parents, families, and youth workers.


Endeavor Center

The Endeavor Center in Edmore, Michigan, USA, serves as our headquarters. In addition to our global ministry, we serve our local community from this 60,000 square feet base of operations in one of poorest communities in the Great Lakes State. Our staff partners with local volunteers or organizations to serve children and youth by providing academic support, mentoring opportunities, feeding programs, and healthy activities in a safe and nurturing environment year-round.